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Cantek OES Series Heavy Duty Oscillating Sanders

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The Cantek OES Series Heavy Duty Oscillating Edge Sander is the ideal edge sander for demanding applications for production use.  Equipped with a 9” (OES509D) / 12" (OES512D) high oscillating sanding belt, it is ideal for sanding drawer boxes, doors, furniture components and more.  The OES series is also equipped with dual front and rear tables which are adjustable up & down and can be tilted to 45 degrees, allowing for a wide range of applications and for full utilization of the sanding belt.  The dual tables also allow for two operators to be working on the machine at the same time made possible by the powerful 7.5 HP (OES509D) / 10 HP (OES512D) sanding motor.  The adjustable and tiltable end table allows for sanding of curved components on the idle pulley.  The belt oscillates up and down which helps in keeping it cool while also producing an optimum sanded finish.

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